People Who Work With Animals Are Sharing Their Cutest Photos, And We Can’t Get Enough

Voluntary work at animal shelters is one of the best things you should devote your time and effort into. Most shelters are underfunded and in dire need for help, so it would wonderful if you could lend a hand to better animals’ life and help them find a forever home.
We have a list of happy animal shelter volunteers for you to look up to. The perks of the job is that you can spend time with adorable animals and meet people of the same interest. Also, you even get to learn some basic veterinarian skills. However, the work is by no means an easy one, so prepare to get your hands dirty if you get involved.
Scroll down below to check out the pics for yourself, and for more info you can check out here and here.

#1 7 Years Ago I Was Raped & Diagnosed With PTSD. 6 Years Ago I Started Working With Wolves As A Form Of Therapy. Today I Run A Wolf Sanctuary And Have Healed More Than I Ever Imagined Possible

people working with animals

#2 This Fluffy Boy Came Into The Shelter I Work At

people working with animals

#3 Rescue Shelter Volunteer Caught Taking A Cat Nap

people working with animals

#4 Working At An Animal Sanctuary

#5 I Work At An Animal Shelter, Today I Turned Around And Caught These Two Staring Me Down

people working with animals

#6 The Kansas City Missouri Animal Shelter Is Celebrating Empty Kennels Thanks To A Record-Setting Weekend

#7 Busy Morning, Practising Our Nativity Play At The Shelter

people working with animals

#8 My Daughter Volunteering At Our Local Shelter, Helping Feed The Puppies. She Was Taken Down And Overpowered By Adorableness

#9 My Local Shelter Posted This Picture! Such A Sweetie Pie!

people working with animals

#10 My Local Animal Shelter Posted This Little Purrito

#11 The Cat Shelter I Volunteer With Has A Program That Brings Senior Cats To Visit Seniors In Nursing Homes. This Says It All

people working with animals

#12 A Dog At The Shelter I Work At Is Teaching Me How To Smile

#13 I Work For An Animal Shelter So Sometimes I Foster Kittens. Meet Sunflower

#14 Fox Loves Wildlife Sanctuary Worker

people working with animals

#15 My Local Humane Society Has A Tough Time Getting Any Work Done Sometimes

#16 My Friend Who Works At A Shelter Found Them Like This

#17 A Volunteer At Our Local Cat Rescue Turned On The Vacuum

people working with animals

#18 I Fulfilled One Of My Life Dreams This Summer. I Got To Volunteer With Sloths!

#19 I Was Photographing Dogs For The Humane Society And Out Of No Where, A Dog Attacked Me

#20 Girlfriend Said It Was Therapeutic Working At The Humane Society

#21 I Volunteer At A Wildlife Sanctuary (England); Meet Raven, One Of Our Tame Foxes

#22 Volunteering At A Cat Rescue

#23 I Volunteer At The Humane Society And This Girl Shook My Hand When I First Met Her! Dogs Are The Best

#24 This Is ‘Jinkies’. She Came To Our Animal Rescue Facility With Her Brother And Sister. She Has A Genetic Eye Condition Which Makes Her Partially Blind. That Doesn’t Stop Her Though

#25 Found This While Volunteering At An Animal Shelter

#26 One Of My Local Rescues Posted This Photo Of A Kitten After His First Solid Food Meal

#27 This Is What Life Is Like When You Volunteer At An Animal Sanctuary

#28 Sienna Paws At The Glass When Someone Walks By At The Shelter. She’s 13

#29 My Mom Volunteers At A Shelter, She Came In And Found One Of The Puppies Like This

#30 Just Started Volunteering At A Wildlife Center, Here Is A Young Raccoon With Two Broken Legs

#31 I Work At A Shelter… Met The Happiest Pup Yesterday

#32 When You Don’t Feel Well It Is Nice To Know There Is Someone There To Keep You Company. Thanks Echo

#33 This Shelter Takes Dogs Out For ‘Puppuccinos’ To Find Them New Homes

#34 I Volunteer At A Wildlife Rehab. This Is Our 1 Y/o Beaver Giving Me A Hug Because She Missed Me Over The Winter. Or Maybe She Wanted The Apple I Had

#35 Local Shelter Posted These Little Ones On FB. Titled “Golden Raindrops In April”

#36 Expert Level Chill From The Local Shelter

#37 I Volunteer At The Local Shelter And This Cutie Came In Today

#38 I Got To Go To An Animal Rescue Today

#39 First Time Volunteering At A Shelter In A Long Time… This One Fell Asleep In My Arms

#40 A Fellow Volunteer Caught A Picture Of Me Getting A Hug And A Kiss From One Of The Friendlier Wolves At My Local Sanctuary

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