Terrified Kitten And Gentle Golden Retriever Form A Precious Friendship

If you are looking for something to improve your mood and make your day better, don't skip this post because it's just for you. We are sure that the video below will be one of the most enjoyable videos you have ever seen. So precious!
The dog is the best friend of the kitten
Meet Bailey, an awesome Golden Retriever who lives with his beloved parents in Spain. Goldens are known for being gentle loving giants and perfect for families with babies and other pets. For this reason, when Bailey's parents brought home a tiny kitten, they thought that the two animal would become best friends.
The dog is the best friend of the kitten
However, everything didn't happen as they imagined. The giant Bailey was scared of the teeny kitten and hated it. He even was upset because his dad brought something in their home and ignored him. "Why do we need a new baby when you have me??"
The dog is the best friend of the kitten
Bailey was probably thinking damn I'm not the only fur animal anymore, so it took him some time to warm up to this kitten. Thankfully, the dad handled things so carefully. He was so patient and calm and never ignored his dog. He took the time for them to get comfy with each other. So sweet. What a great dad!
The dog is the best friend of the kitten
At first Bailey wanted nothing to do with the kitten, but then later they are best friends. Glad they are getting along now. So sweet to watch them together. Kitty has a great protector now. Bailey is the most gorgeous dog we've seen.
Watch the sweet video and see how the cat trusts the dog now. Sweeeet!
Animals can learn to live together in peace and show tolerance and love, why can't people? If you love Bailey and his friends, you can check out more of Funny Dog Bailey on YouTube and Instagram.
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